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Woodall visits Cumming American Legion, met by protests

POSTED: March 14, 2017 6:00 p.m.
Kelly Whitmire/

Ahead of Woodall speaking at a meeting of the American Legion Post 307, several protestors tied to the Indivisible Movement held signs and chanted at the entrance of the Georgia Army National Guard Armory on Aquatic Circle.

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CUMMING -- Cold and wet weather did not stop demonstrators from protesting in front of a recent meeting by U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall.

Ahead of Woodall speaking at a meeting of the American Legion Post 307, several protestors tied to the Indivisible Movement held signs and chanted at the entrance of the Georgia Army National Guard Armory on Aquatic Circle.

“The reason that we are here today is Mr. Woodall is speaking to a group of veterans who have fought overseas for this country, and I don’t think that they know that Mr. Woodall is defending Putin, his relationship with Donald Trump and just Russia in general,” said Ron Denham, a resident and protestor.

Denham was carrying a sign that had a hammer and sickle and the words “Why are we still fighting Russia? -- Rob Woodall.”

“This is a quote that I have from Rob Woodall’s [telephone] town hall meeting that was on Feb. 15,” he said. “I have family members that are retired military and I found that extraordinarily offensive. I just want to make sure everyone knows what Mr. Woodall is saying.”

Protestors were aligned with the group Invisible Georgia’s Seventh District, which Denham said has some 850 members. Woodall represents the House of Representatives’ District 7 in Washington D.C., which covers south Forsyth and much of Gwinnett County.

The group is part of the larger Indivisible Movement, which has about 4,500 local groups. Those in the movement follow the Invisible Guide, which the group calls “a practical guide” for resisting the agenda of President Donald Trump.

Protestors said they got a mixed reaction from drivers.

The group is especially focused on health care and the Affordable Care Act.

“We’re focused on congressional level impact and action, trying to help Mr. Woodall make good decisions,” Denham said. “We decided as a group ACA is our No. 1 concern, so we want to bring attention to decisions Mr. Woodall is making with ACA.”

Denham said human and environmental and women’s rights are also big causes for the group.

One protestor said she had been told by a police officer the group could not get closer to the building and had to do so at the entrance. The group was later allowed into the meeting and was able to ask questions after Woodall’s presentation.

The group was allowed to express their concerns directly to Woodall, who came out to meet the protestors. Woodall said he would be happy to have a town hall in the future and said he feels there was more agreed on than disagreed on.

“I can tell you that if the discussion we have is you’re humane and anyone who disagrees with you isn’t, there’s nowhere to go from there,” Woodall said. “If the discussion is you want pre-existing conditions covered and I want pre-existing conditions covered, then we actually have a place to go.”

Denham said while he was happy the congressman spoke to the group that he felt Woodall stuck to talking points.

“I’m pleased that he came out,” Denham said, “but he is espousing his Republican talking points and it’s just unacceptable.”


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verita51: March 15, 2017 12:11 a.m.

I wish to goodness these people would just shut up. They don't know what they're talking about and it's getting very, very old and offensive. Perhaps if the press would quit giving them a platform, they'd go away. I mean I counted eight whole people in the photo. Big deal. They're apparently listening to propaganda from a movement bend on destroying our country. If they were really concerned about our military they wouldn't be fighting against our own President. I'm so sick of this ridiculous agenda and the blind sheep tagging along behind it.

SemperFidelis68: March 15, 2017 5:31 p.m.

While I may not agree with everything on their signs, the fact is Putin is bringing back the Cold War. If we have people in our government working with the Russians, they need to be identified and rooted out very quickly. Congressman Woodall should support that and not speak in favor of anything Russian.

canoe: March 16, 2017 9:18 a.m.

Seems to me the Demoncrats want to bring back the Cold War. They lost the election and the only thing they can come up with is some flimsy accusations about the Russians. Hillary lost because she was a sorry candidate representing a sorry platform and she was as crooked as they come. Not only that the uranium deal that she and Bill were involved in with the Russians stunk to high heaven also. I thank the Lord that crooked lawyer didn't get elected, we just put up with eight years of a crooked lawyer in the White House.

lalomoni: March 16, 2017 3:32 p.m.

Why do you want us to shut up and go away? It's not just about Russia, although I would think everyone should be wondering why Trump loves Putin so much. We are concerned about issues that should be of huge importance to all Americans. We ALL want to have affordable healthcare options. We ALL want clean air to breathe and clean water to drink, which is in jeopardy if the EPA is dismantled. We should ALL want to preserve freedom of the press, and yet Trump is doing everything he can to discredit the press. We should ALL want a president and an administration who tell the truth, and yet Trump has been caught LYING again and again. I wish someone would explain to me why that is OK. And finally, no self-respecting woman should put her freedom, her family, and her country in the hands of a man who wants to grab them by the *****. You heard those words come out of his mouth. WHY ARE YOU NOT AS OUTRAGED AS I AM?

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