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Reality of winter in Georgia is snow fun

I am not sure how much more of Old Man Winter (my apologies to any elderly gentleman who might be offended) I can take.

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The joy of shopping for books in person

It was in Oxford, Miss., that it come to me so clearly. I knew it, of course. I had known it since I was a child skirted in gingham innocence and trimmed with inexperience.

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Ashway: Leaving behind the Forgotten Five?

It’s March. Time to get serious about college basketball.

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Appreciation for utility workers

I just wanted to thank all the emergency workers that worked day and night to get our power restored after the recent ice storm, especially the Sawnee EMC linemen. 

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Warm gratitude for Sawnee EMC crews

It is 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday and one of the Sawnee Electric Membership Corp. crews is working on our street to ensure the completion of restoring power in our neighborhood. This in addition to another crew getting some of us "up and running" during the wee hours of last night.

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Love your pet today and every day

Feb. 22 was National Love Your Pet Day, but I’m pretty sure none of us pet-lovers need a “day” for our special fur-babies.

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It takes a lot of time to be proper Southerner

It takes a lot of time to be the proper Southerner, the kind respected for thoughtfulness and kindness. In fact, it takes so much time that it’s looking like I may have to give up my job, just to act like Mama raised me and Daddy expected me to do.

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‘Parenting evolution’ still rings true

There is a cute commercial that shows a mom holding her baby. A little girl asks if she can hold the woman’s baby. The mother hesitates and then pulls out a huge bottle of hand sanitizer and instructs the girl to use it liberally. The caption says, “First Kid.”

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A childhood friend and lifelong lesson

When I was 6, the boy with hair the color of cotton and eyes tinted sapphire, came to live with us. He was the same age and size as I, but more timid and less secure. Depending on the day, we were either best of friends or the worst of enemies.

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Meal services may not deliver on expectations

Have you heard about the growing trend of food delivery services that bring all of the ingredients for meals right to your door? Yes, it is a thing.

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Talking to everyone to collect stories

Southerners tend to collect stories. And, we tend to talk to anyone who will talk to us. The latter tends to lead to the first.

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State due for credible transportation plans

House Speaker David Ralston proudly claims the proposed transportation plan will provide more than $1 billion annually in new transportation dollars but will not increase state taxes on Georgians. 

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Schools shouldn’t endorse bullying

Bullying in schools has been much discussed, also the rules of zero tolerance and how to protect students from injuries.

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Ashway: Green Bay's Bostick joins infamous company

Brandon Bostick, meet Bill Buckner.

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Ashway: When Manning gets booed, it's time to go

"Did you hear that? Listen."

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Concerned about skateboard park

The skateboard park is a great venue.

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If mama can't find it, nobody will

I have spent the majority of my life looking for stuff. Not just my stuff, mind you. Other people’s stuff.

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