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Letters from Citizens

Help with birth much appreciated

On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 2, my wife called to tell me she was in labor. Things moved quickly and by the time I was able to arrive home she was in a good bit of pain.

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Important to protect women's rights

Americans who care about U.S. standing in the world should be especially concerned with the grades received by our senators on the 2014 Global Solutions Report Card. Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson both received a D- on their 2014 Senatorial Report Card.

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Expanding MARTA is key to transportation needs

Metro Atlanta’s regional transportation solution has a “Plan B”  that should have been “Plan A” since the regions’ growth and development was documented as rampant over a decade ago, and before another roadway infrastructure project was commissioned!

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Northern Arc idea is no longer ‘dead’

For those of you in Forsyth and Cherokee counties that thought the Northern Arc was dead, as stated by Gov. (Sonny) Perdue at a meeting in Forsyth County in 2003, you had better rethink this.

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Highway 9 traffic demands attention

I see that either GDOT or Forsyth County is implementing another minor effort to improve traffic flow on Highway 9 — this one in the form of a flashing yellow left-turn signal at the Majors Road/Shiloh Road intersection. What is it going to take to get the Forsyth County commissioners to demand that the GDOT widen SR 9 between McFarland Road and Buford Highway? 

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Speaker David Ralston serves the state well

The great thing about our country is that the First Amendment entitles all of us the right to offer up our thoughts and opinions, true or false. Bill Evelyn, a resident of Forsyth County, recently wrote a letter to the editor exercising this right which leveled accusations against House Speaker David Ralston that fall into the false category. His comments were not only intellectually dishonest, but he attempted to represent in his letter to the editor how members of the House felt about Speaker Ralston.

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County should think about the taxpayers

Two articles on the front page of the March 14 Forsyth County News that caused my blood pressure to spike.

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Tolerance needed for Christians too

I read [Tom] Crawford’s editorial [column] this week. In it he equates discrimination against blacks and discrimination against gays.

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Anti-gun letter was way off base

Sid Barfield’s recent letter rallying the people of Forsyth County to speak up against HB 875, a pro-gun modification of our laws and expansion of the right of gun permit holders to carry in more places, was full of histrionics and dramatic clichés, but short on substance.

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An armed society is a polite society

This letter is in response to Mr. Sid Barfield’s letter published in March 2 edition of the Forsyth County News. Name calling is not a very effective technique, even if you are writing to the emotion based individual.

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South Forsyth needs more greenspace

The methodology used to determine what “greenspace” a community demographically deserves easily depicts the Johns Creek/Big Creek/South Forsyth precincts deserving much more than the bucolic 64-acres Caney Creek Preserve provides today  — that “jewel” lying at the heart of where those “precincts” do intersect, where another 60-plus acres would be well-serving indeed.

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Who benefits from Castleberry expansion?

The recent 3-2 vote to expand Castleberry Road makes no “logical” sense. Therefore it must be making “financial” sense. The question is, then, “financial” sense to who?

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Sanders Road should be reopened by now

The lake Alice Dam breach in May 2013 may have been the perfect storm for some and not others. Sanders Road should have been shored up, filled in and paved already. I did walk the area by the breached ‘earth’ dam. It couldn’t handle the pressure and washed out, probably from underneath the water level going undetected.

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Proposed gun law is an insane idea

I have never, in all my years, seen anything so stupid as the bill our legislators are about to try to pass. They are going to try to pass a law allowing people to carry guns in schools, colleges, businesses, bars, churches and on the streets of our towns. It looks like we may be going back to the old west days. Shoot first, then ask questions.

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Ralston no credit to speaker's position

Speakers are elected by House members to lead and serve them. Speakers tend to shape the majority agenda and protect their party’s interests. Since Speaker David Ralston took the helm in January 2010, Republican House members have voted in proportions not seen historically for the agenda advanced by Speaker Ralston. Problem is that agenda is a failed agenda.

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Road widening plan is not justified

Castleberry Road could use some improvements, but spending taxpayer money because it is available for an over-reaching project that is not needed is not the sort of action conservative county commissioners should pursue.

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No need for another town in Forsyth County

It would seem that someone’s personal whim to cerate the city of Sharon Springs is getting notoriety. As a resident of over 16 years in South Forsyth County I am totally satisfied with county services, including the one time I had to call the sheriff’s department regarding damage to Three Chimneys Farm subdivision’s nature trail.

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Road reflectors good, but should be recessed

In the wake of the recent snow and ice storms I made an interesting discovery. Chattahoochee Road was recently resurfaced, and yellow reflectors were added to the center line.

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