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Letters from Citizens

At the door

Republicans are standing at the threshold of leadership in the U.S. House and Senate. They have the opportunity to either confirm the belief that we really have a “do nothing congress,” or that our body of elected members can effectively govern our country.

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The fair tax

Would someone please set me straight on the Fair Tax. Every one of our new (and old) congressmen promised to promote the Fair Tax. Many people I speak with favor it. However, I am having trouble finding any redeeming features of this tax plan what so ever.

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It’s important to vote

I vote in elections because I believe it is my responsibility as a U.S. citizen. Not everyone shares this belief, and they have some reasons. The value of your vote can be diminished if you live in a gerrymandered voting district. Many campaign messages are so incredulous that you wonder what degree of deceit to expect if the candidate is elected. Then once elected, some officeholders embrace reasons not to act unless their party’s desired outcome is assured or because their principles prohibit any compromise.

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Transportation bond 2014: Good, bad, ugly

“Those whom look with jaundice-eye — Yellow They will see,” and though I’m not sure that’s something “Confucius-Say,” having witnessed first-hand the rampant growth and development suffered of Forsyth County over the last decade — averaging seventh-fastest Nationwide over that time — that is how I initially looked into Our latest “Transportation Bond 2014” proposal ... yet another of several put-forth since 2003 as the latest ‘n greatest “Traffic Fix-All”... and saw “Good” in that “Proposed GDOT Partnership Projects” list! 

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Thank you to helpful stranger

I don’t know what is important in today’s world as far as we exist, but there are angels among us.

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Veterans appreciate the community

On behalf of the men and women of Cumming Chapter 1030 of the Vietnam Veterans of America, I want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the residents and visitors who attended the 2014 Cumming Country Fair & Festival for your support of our chapter and its annual raffle.

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Now it’s the CDC

From the start of the Ebola crisis, the president and the CDC assured us, promised us that we had nothing to worry about. Ebola will not reach America.

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Bible collector responds to reader’s letter

(This is in response to the letter “Church didn’t protest English translation” that appeared in the FCN on Sept. 28. You can view that letter HERE)

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Port of Savannah expansion

The agreement with the federal government to deepen the river will be signed Oct. 8. Cost will be about $1 billion.

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