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2021 seal only


    Open October 1 through October 31 

How often can I vote?  Each person can vote once per day per category during the voting period, which is October 1 through October 31.

Can I create multiple user accounts to vote from?  No, users should only have one voting account.   Please note that the company that administers this contest will flag suspicious voting patterns, and votes that violate the terms of this contest may be removed. Can a business pay to win?  No. The winners are determined by the numbers of votes they receive.

Can I campaign for my business?   Campaigning is fine but paying for votes is not. To be specific, it's fine if you enter your customers/clients/supporters into a raffle, but not acceptable to give them a gift or offer payment in exchange for votes. For example, you can hold a voter appreciation raffle, and award someone a prize, but it has to be a raffle with a random drawing.  Awarding something to the person who votes the most would be a rules violation, as would giving something for each voter. 

I see ads for businesses on some of the categories, how can I get one of those?  Those ads are available for anyone who wants to increase their visibility in the contest.  Remember, once a person votes in the category they came in for, they will likely continue to vote in more categories, so having more visibility is important.  Contact us via email at to learn more.  Some of the ads are limited to one per category and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  

How are votes tracked?  We use a third-party company that utilizes a variety of systems and techniques to monitor voting patterns to assure a fair and equitable contest.  We reserve the right to remove fraudulent votes. 

Do you still have a question?  Email us at, and thank you for participating in your Best of Forsyth Contest!