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Are you a wishful recycler?

 Many people aspire to do the right thing, but knowing what to recycle is not always easy. Putting items in the recycling bin with the hope that they will be recycled can do more harm than good and cause an entire load to be rejected. 

Here are a few common mistakes people make when recycling. Always remember when it comes to recycling “when in doubt don’t”. It is better for one item to be put in the trash than ruin an entire load of recyclables.



 Pizza boxes and other food boxes

Are usually contaminated with grease or food residue. Only recycle the part of the box that is clean.


Plastic wrap, bubble wrap, sandwich bags and freezer bags are very difficult to recycle for several reasons so there are very few markets for these materials.

 Paper towels, napkins and tissue have very low fiber content and are usually soiled after use and cannot be recycled.

 Plastic bags and film plastics can damage sorting machinery. They can be recycled by taking them back to the store. Many retailers have plastic bag recycling bins near the front of the store. 

Styrofoam, flexible packaging such as pet food bags, chip bags and juice pouches can only be recycled using special programs.

REDUCE These Item When possible: Reduce is always the best choice for the environment. If you have any of these items to dispose of, following these few tips will greatly improve the possibility that a load of recycling will NOT end up in the landfill labeled as contaminated recyclables.

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