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Convenience centers offer easy waste disposal and recycling
Centers offer recycling, waste disposal

 When it comes to recycling and disposal of household trash the three county convenience centers are Forsyth Counties best kept secrets. Maybe you have a few extra bags of trash due to a holiday or family event. Your trash hauler may not offer recycling or you have items to recycle that cannot be recycled curbside. No matter the reason the convenience centers offer a clean, convenient and affordable solution

  - Cash only, no bill larger than a $20. Most recycling is FREE

- Trash is $0.50 per bag for recycling customers and $1 for non-recycling customers.

   Limit: 5 bags of trash      

- Recycling or not, each trash bag over the fifth will be charged $2 per bag

- Need a bag? Empty 32 gallon trash bags can be purchased at the center for $1

   which includes disposal

- No minimum bag size, maximum 32 gallon

Center recycling area

Acceptable Recyclables

• Cardboard, Paperboard, Magazines, Office Paper and Junk Mail, Phonebooks

• Aluminum Cans, Steel/Tin Food Cans

• Glass Jars & Bottles Separated By Color: Brown, Clear, Green/Blue

• Plastic Bottles & Jugs: PETE #1, HDPE #2 Only. No plastic containers larger than one gallon.

• Batteries: Alkaline, Lithium, Nickel Cadmium and Lead Acid

• Printer Cartridges: Ink jet and Laser

• Used Motor Oil and Oil Filters

• Used Cooking Oil

• Books

• Clothing & Shoes

• Empty Small Propane Canisters

• Cloth Flags

• Scrap Metal - Car Parts, Lawn Mowers, Lawn Equipment, Pipes, Tools, Sinks, Open Drums, Etc.


Tires - Coal Mountain Location Only

Tires: $3 each, $15 on the rim


Paint: Liquid or dried latex-based and oil-based paints and stains in original containers. We do not accept leaking cans.

Latex Paint: 5-Gallon $10 | 2-Gallon $5 | 1-Gallon $3 | 1-Quart or Smaller $1

Oil Paint: 5-Gallon $15 | 1-Gallon $4 1-Quart $2 | 1-Pint $1 | Spray Can $1


Electronics - Tolbert Street Location Only

Televisions: $12 each (No wood console or rear projection Tv’s)

All Other Electronics: $2 per item or $5 unlimited


Items we can't accept:

• Any Type of Hazardous Waste

• Yard Waste (Grass Clippings, Branches, Logs, Dirt, etc.)

• Wooden or Cloth Furniture

• Appliances Containing Freon

• Construction Waste

Convenience center information