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Recycling event Saturday at fairgrounds

You can do your part to keep Forsyth County beautiful by bringing your unwanted electronic equipment for recycling to the Cumming Fairgrounds parking lot 3 on Castleberry Road between 9am and 1pm on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Accepted items for this event include desktop computers, laptops, printers, stereos, CD players, cell phones, gaming consoles, controllers, and more. The web link below includes more details on the program.

Who doesn’t love new electronic gadgets? It’s fun to get the latest phone, T.V., tablet, Fitbit, watch, or other new gadgets!  Do you know where to recycle your old electronics in Forsyth County? Do you know why our county offers this service to all residents? Do you know that Keep Forsyth County Beautiful also offers two drive-through electronics recycling events each year and our next one is May 19th? If this is News to you, the rest of this article will be quite helpful. 

E-waste is the trash we generate from surplus, broken and obsolete electronic devices. This type of waste is one of the fastest growing types of waste. Unfortunately, the majority of these electronic products end up in our landfills.

Keep Forsyth County Beautiful (KFCB) has been offering e-recycling as an alternative to e-waste since 2004. To date over 840,000 lbs. of electronics have been collected for recycling at KFCB events.  Why Recycle? Electronics are full of valuable materials including copper, tin, iron, aluminum, fossil fuels, titanium, gold, and silver. In a 2015 report, Apple revealed that it recovered 2,204 pounds of gold —worth $40 million—from recycled iPhones, Macs and iPads!

Old electronic devices also contain toxic substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and other heavy metals. Proper processing is essential to ensure that these materials are not released into our environment. Our county’s Tolbert Street recycling center accepts your e-waste Monday through Saturday. They contract with a recycler so heavy metals are removed from our local landfill. 

While paint waste is not the fastest growing type of waste, it is as common as e-waste. Most homes in Forsyth County have unwanted cans of paint in a shed or basement. If this paint contains any liquid, it cannot be disposed of in the trash. KFCB added paint recycling to the electronics event in the fall of 2015 and the response has been overwhelming. In five events, over 10,000 gallons of paint have been collected for recycling and proper disposal.

For more information including a complete list of acceptable items and associated fees that are charged to cover collection, transportation and processing visit Keep Forsyth County Beautiful or call 770 205-4573 

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