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Abandoned piglet hogs attention on Facebook, rescued by Forsyth residents
Ingles piglet
Gavin Rosenblum holds the baby piglet after rescuing her from the Ingles shopping center at Bethelview Road. Photo courtesy of Jeff Cooley.

Last night, a little piggy was found at market. Forsyth residents took to Facebook to find help for an abandoned piglet at the Ingles shopping center on Bethelview Road because she was causing quite the commotion. 

Locals Gavin Rosenblum and Jeff Cooley were some of the brave Babe rescuers that traversed through mud and briars alike to find the piglet and against all odds were able to catch her with the help of Jeff’s dog, Cash.

“That’s the funniest part about it – how the dog ran it down,” Cooley said. “A little baby pig is not easy to catch, running free through briars and swamp and the mud. You can see [in one of the pictures] Gavin even had to dive in the mud. His knees are just completely covered in mud. It was so funny.” 

Ingles piglet
This little piggy went to market! Jeff Cooley noticed that Forsyth residents had posted on Facebook about a loose, abandoned pig at Ingles. Photo courtesy of Jeff Cooley.

Rosenblum and Cooley are no strangers to animal handling themselves. Rosenblum works with wildlife, rescuing baby deer, raccoons and squirrels. Cooley raises hunting dogs for a living and has pigs and goats. So when Cooley saw the Facebook post about the piglet, he knew just the person to call to help him out.

According to Cooley, the pair were able to find footprints after searching through the drainage area by Ingles. Gavin was able to track the piglet, but even after hoofing it, they were no match for her speed.

“We’d found some footprints – the pig’s footprints – and so Gavin was following [them],” Cooley said. “But then all the sudden, the pig shot out of nowhere.”

Cash, a black Labrador retriever, was able to use his soft mouth to pin the piglet down before Cooley and Rosenblum could grab her. Cooley said that Cash is trained not to hurt animals with his teeth and often goes duck hunting with him.

Unfortunately, the piglet was able to wrangle free from Cash’s grasp.

“But then Gavin was able to jump on it and grab it, and he held onto it,” Cooley said. “Then we got it in the truck and got it home safe.”

Ingles piglet
Jeff Cooley (left) and Gavin Rosenblum (right) were able to safely capture the pig with the help of Cooley's dog, Cash. The pig is now safe in Rosenblum's care. Photo courtesy of Jeff Cooley.

Currently, the piglet is “warm and happy,” and she reportedly slept well last night in the plastic crate and blanket provided to her.

Cooley said that Rosenblum is taking care of her and will soon get her vaccinated. The duo already has a farm picked out for her in Dawsonville and she will be able to go live there with other pigs and goats when she gets older. Cooley estimated that the baby piglet was likely only a few months old.

“She’s definitely rescued now,” Cooley said. “In a few senses of the word.”

Forsyth residents were thankful that the piglet had been rescued by Cooley and Rosenblum and that she is now in a safe environment.