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Rabid fox identified in north Forsyth County

A fox has tested positive for rabies in Forsyth County, according to officials with the Georgia Department of Public Health. The fox was in an altercation with two family dogs, and the fox was later found dead.

The two dogs were current on rabies vaccinations and have received booster vaccinations. Officials said the dogs will be under a 45-day observation period. The incident occurred in the Milford Road and Keith Bridge Road area of the county.

The rabies virus does exist in Forsyth County wildlife and can be transmitted to domestic animals and humans. Rabies in humans is fatal if not treated within a certain time prior to the onset of symptoms. 

If you know of any person or domestic animal that had any contact with the fox or had the potential to have contact with it, please call Todd Driver at the Forsyth County Environmental Health Office at (770) 781-6909.