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Abstract art newest installation at Forsyth County Courthouse
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Forsyth County District Attorney Penny Penn said a new art installation at the Forsyth County Courthouse gave local artists a chance to show off their work and those who check it out a conversation starter. 

In recent years, members of the Cumming Arts Center and the Sawnee Association of the Arts have provided works from local artists to help liven up the courthouse’s grand jury room and the victims witness assistance office. 

“I thought that to bring some color to the room … then about the Sawnee Association of the Arts and collaborating with them to do that,” Penn said. “I thought it was a great way that we could showcase some local talent, and there’s a lot of it, and at the same time kind of lighten up that room given what the grand jury is doing in there when listening to court cases. 

While previous installations have included works more-closely related to Forsyth County, such as historical buildings or flora, fauna and natural resources, the most recently installed works are more abstract.  

Penn admitted that abstract works aren’t usually her preference, but “I do think that this one might be my favorite,” pointing to a particular piece. 

“Anytime that there’s artwork, it lends itself to conversation, to discussion about it, certainly the abstract art,” she said. 

Not only do the pieces give those on grand juries something to talk about, but it’s also a chance for artists to show and possibly sell their pieces. 

“All of the works have been for sale, so we have the artists’ contact information,” Penn said. “I make the grand jury aware of that.” 

Though the installation has been up for a few weeks, Penn said the works have not been seen by many since the COVID-19 pandemic meant grand juries hadn’t been meeting, but that would change later this year once they began meeting again. 

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