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Local metal band to play The Masquerade on Friday
Torn Soul
Local metal band Torn Soul will open for Soulfly on Friday, March 6 at The Masquerade in Atlanta. - photo by For the Forsyth County News

Local metal band Torn Soul is playing their biggest show yet this week and is hoping the exposure will more big performances in the future.

On Friday, Torn Soul will open for Soulfly, a successful metal band which recently released their 11th studio album, and a handful of other bands at The Masquerade in Atlanta, which members said is so far the biggest show they’ve had.

“It’s exciting because not many bands our size get to play with a bigger band like that on a bigger stage,” said vocalist Jake Phillips. “It’s one of the bigger shows that a band like us has played, and I’m excited for it. I think we’re all excited for it.”

“I mean, for where we come in such a town where metal is not very big, it’s a big opportunity because Soulfly is one of our biggest influences,” said drummer Chance Briscoe.

All but one of the band’s members are from Forsyth County, with that member coming from nearby Buford, and many of them attend or have attended West Forsyth High School.

Along with Phillips and Briscoe, the band is made up of bassist Brody Reese and guitarists Donny Payne and Scott Brooks. Torn Soul came together in 2018. Along with Soulfly, band members said Slipknot, Savatage and Steel Panther, along with a range of other artists across the various subgenres of metal and other rock styles, had been big influences.

“All five of us really have a different taste in metal subgenres, so we all kind of compile our different interests into one big melting pot,” said Reese.

Since forming a few years ago, the band has mostly played in the Atlanta area, along with trips to Savannah.

“We really hope it will blow us up and we can get a lot more exposure from this,” Brooks said.

The band said they receive a return on tickets sold through the band, which are available on their website at or by messaging the band on their Facebook page. Their music can be found online on Spotify and YouTube.

The Masquerade is located at 50 Lower Alabama Street, Atlanta. More information on the venue is available at