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This Forsyth County nonprofit gives 4 cars to families in need
The Place of Forsyth County gave cars to four local families in need on Friday, Dec. 20, 2019.

Last week, The Place of Forsyth County hosted its annual vehicle give away, donating four used vehicles to local families without a reliable form of transportation.

According to officials at the charity, the gift of a used vehicle to a family in need can change their life, allowing individuals to get to work reliably and save money that would otherwise be used on a car payment or rideshare services.  

“A few years ago, we were gifted a vehicle by a local donor. Typically, nonprofits will sell donated vehicles, but we realized the impact that could be made if we gave the vehicle away to a family who needed transportation,” said Joni Smith, president and CEO of The Place, in a news release. “It is difficult to be self-sustaining without proper transportation.”

Since that first vehicle in 2016, The Place has gifted more than 20 used vehicles to local families, including four vehicles which were gifted to families at a celebration on Friday, Dec. 20, Smith said.  

One of this year’s vehicle recipients is a perfect example of that impact, Smith said. With her ‘new’ vehicle, the recipient will now be able to put her money towards a better housing situation for her family.

“Unfortunately these stories are not isolated incidences,” Smith said. “There are many people in this county who struggle day-to-day to simply live. In this particular case, a lack of affordable housing and public transportation has made it almost impossible for this single mother to get out of her situation. This vehicle is the support and solution to the very difficult barrier she was facing.”

The Place of Forsyth County gave cars to four local families in need on Friday, Dec. 20, 2019.

The Place partnered with three local auto shops, including the auto tech class at Forsyth Central High School, to make sure that each of the donated vehicles was road-ready.

“We are eternally grateful for these generous shops. Without their support and care we would not be able to make these re-giftings possible,” Smith said.

The Place is always looking for used vehicle donations, so those interested in donating a vehicle can contact Director of Purposeful Engagement Jacob Granados at 

Since the vehicles are re-gifted rather than sold, donors to The Place are able to claim the full value of the vehicle on their taxes, according to the release.