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How the 'Biscuit Bros.' are providing meals for Northside employees and first responders
Biscuit Bros
Employees at Northside Hospital Forsyth take a picture with a thank you card from brothers Clark, 5, and Andrew, 4, Koepp. The "Biscuit Bros" have been raising money to give meals to Northside employees and first responders.

As brothers Clark, 5, and Andrew, 4, Koepp are showing, it's never too early to get involved with helping out in the community during times of crisis.

Clark and Andrew, known as the Shady Grove Biscuit Bros., have been working to raise money to provide biscuits for healthcare workers, police and firefighters dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, along with help from their mom, Amy.

“We had to get a little creative,” Amy said. “We said, 'Biscuits are something that kind of fit the bill.' They're something that's easy to grab and go, they can be individually wrapped where people don't have a shared catering tray or touch other people's food.”

Raising money was nothing new to the brothers, who have been selling extra eggs from the family's chickens for the last few summers, saving half and spending half.

“They had that concept started already from their egg stand of how to do something to earn money,” Amy said. “Then when school closed, it was already like a break week. Then trying to explain to them we couldn't go back to school, they were really sad and they wanted to do something to help.”

Originally, the brothers wanted to sell eggs and donate the proceeds, but Amy said it was a little too early in the year to have collected anything significant.

Instead, they decided to take online donations for a raffle, with the winner getting a free dozen eggs, which was popular enough to pay for the meals.

“They got a lot of donations from people here in our community and said, 'Well, we want to support the small businesses here in the area while also doing something to help the first responders,'” Amy said.

Amy said there were enough donations to make the deliveries a regular occurrence and they have already raised enough to buy breakfasts through the end of the month from a local business, Fagan's Biscuit Barn.

“They wanted to work with us and help, so they have the biscuits ready at 6:30 in the morning for us to pick up, and we feel good about trying to help a small, family-owned business have customers come through the door in those early morning hours,” Amy said.

The biscuits go to members of the Georgia State Patrol who are working at the hospital, firefighters at Forsyth County Fire Station No. 5 and employees who work at Northside Hospital Forsyth's emergency room overnight, who Amy said do not receive food and other items as often as the day shift.

“They're excited,” she said. “We include the police. Andrew, he's especially fond of police officers, and I think the night shift is thankful that somebody's actually thinking about the night shift.”

Right now, to keep up with social distancing, the boys haven't had a chance to meet those workers who are receiving the meals, but they are hoping to once the outbreak has passed. Until then, they've got another way to see who they are helping.

“We ask for pictures from where we deliver the biscuits so the boys can see who they're helping and kind of put a face to the project,” Amy said, “so just trying to teach them from a young age to go out and sew seeds of kindness. Sometimes a little can have a big impact, still.”