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How is the coronavirus impacting life for Forsyth County residents?

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For the vast majority of Americans, life has been upended by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in almost every way, from school to religious services to work and nearly everything in between.

On Instagram, we asked followers to tell us how their life has been impacted. Here is what they said:

“Work from home, no commute.” -- @johnthompson2754

“We are home and only leave to go to the store. Calling friends I have not talked to in a long time.” -- @marcusdb1

“I can’t go out with my friends” -- @brooklyngarmon03

“I’ll miss going to Atlanta United matches.” -- @nait_sir_c

“Texting and calling my friends and family more frequently to stay connected. Learning new technologies from home.” -- @mrs.woodsonlinelearning

“Staying home and bored.” -- @dianneeidson

“I can’t visit my mother recovering from major surgery in a nursing and rehab facility.” -- @vheard61

“My husband is not working. I’m a stay-at-home-mom of two [kids], one disabled.” -- @xo.kenziek

“Not yet it hasn’t. We are building homes as fast as we can sell them.” -- @nickcw17

“The whole family is working/doing school at home and we’re going to the beach a week early.” -- @eeh888

“I’m a realtor & it has impacted it a ton.” -- @rickthompsonrealtor

“Being trapped at home and not in my classroom. I miss my students!” -- @lrb_79

“Lost wages and anxiety.” -- @alleysunray

“Entrepreneur here. Moved all my students online. My roommates up and left because their jobs closed!!” -- @jerrythesilverdino

“So much more free time.” -- @smilingdeena

“Brought us all back together. Schools/college canceled and work travel canceled.” -- @carissa_andthefam

“Less school & less work gives me time to study my passion … meteorology!” -- @aaron_ac32

"My son has cystic fibrosis, so we are being extra cautious for him." -- @logrimsley

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