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Absentee ballots are on their way
Offical says interest in election climbing
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The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 9. For more information on registering or the Nov. 6 election, visit

Forsyth County sent out more than 1,043 absentee ballots Thursday.

While short of a record, Elections Supervisor Barbara Luth said that figure is an indication interest in the Nov. 6 presidential election is running high.

“We had an 80 percent turnout last [presidential election] and it wouldn’t surprise me if we get an 80 percent turnout this time,” Luth said.

Of the ballots sent out Thursday, 108 were transmitted electronically to military personnel serving overseas, Luth said.

The rest were paper ballots mailed to overseas voters and senior citizens unable to make it to their precinct, as well as an increasing number of young voters.

“A lot of college students interested in wanting to vote, even though they’re away for college,” she said.

There are currently about 113,500 registered voters in Forsyth, which has about 180,000 residents.

Mandi Smith, supervisor of elections, said about 1,100 more people have registered since Sept. 1. And it’s possible, another thousand will register before the Oct. 9 voter registration deadline.

“We’ve been busy,” Smith said. “It started between the July primary and now because I think people heard about the primary, whether or not they voted in it, and it garnered interest.

“It’s a presidential election year, so that always increases turnout.”

According to Luth, the office has been getting a lot of calls from people checking to see that they’re registered.

“That’s good because we want to make sure that they’re registered prior to that deadline,” Luth said. “I like the idea of people checking now rather than waiting until it’s too late to get registered.”

The last day to register to vote in the Nov. 6 election is Oct. 9.

Early voting begins Oct. 15. It will be held both in the county administration building and in Cumming City Hall, Luth said.

Early voting will run through Oct. 26, plus Saturday voting will be held Oct. 27, all in both buildings.

Advance voting will run in both buildings plus an additional three satellite locations — Hampton Park Library, Sharon Springs Park Community Building and Midway Park Community Building — from Oct. 29 through Nov. 2.