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Ailing mom praises sheriffs deputy
Has helped with yard upkeep on own time
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Forsyth County News

EAST FORSYTH — An ailing Forsyth County resident is grateful for a sheriff’s deputy, who stepped in to help when she struggled to maintain her yard.

Jody Curson and her children all have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a severe form of debilitating neuropathy that can cause muscle weakness, numbness in the limbs and problems with manual dexterity.

Because of the disability, Curson has been unable to mow the lawn at her home in the Windermere subdivision.

According to Curson, she had received letters and fines from the homeowner’s association about the tall grass, which had gone unattended for months. In addition, her home’s air-conditioning unit has not worked since last summer.

Earlier this month, a sheriff’s deputy arrived at the home in response to a call that the family may possibly have been in danger.

After learning about the family’s situation, he volunteered to return when off duty to mow the lawn. Curson was overwhelmed at the offer.

“I cried,” she said. “When somebody offers to help you like that, you just don’t know what to do.”

The deputy, who wants to remain anonymous, delivered on his promise, returning about a week later to mow the lawn.

“He’s been phenomenal. I couldn’t ask for a better human being,” Curson said. “To do something like this off duty on your own time … means a lot. There are people out there who will go above and beyond.”

The deputy has since offered to continue checking on the Curson family and help with the lawn.