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Animal shelter offering two-for-one cat adoptions through October
First 40 cats adopted out for free
The Forsyth County Animal Shelter is offering two-for-one cat adoptions for the month of October. - photo by Isabel Hughes

Reaching through the bars of their cages, little calico paws playfully batted at the veterinary technicians, the kittens trying to charm the vets to bring them their dinner.

From every corner of the Forsyth County Animal Shelter, mini meows sounded as the felines begged to be adopted.

In an effort to give their furry friends a forever home, through October, the Forsyth County Animal Shelter is offering a two-for-one adoption promotion: those who take home two cats or kittens at a time will only pay for one.

“Our regular adoption fee is $85 per animal, but right now you can adopt two cats or kittens for that fee,” Animal Shelter Manager Cindy Iacopella said. “Most cats do really well in pairs. They are often great playmates and help to keep one another entertained, which can be an especially important consideration for adopters who are at work during the day.

“This is one of the times of year when the feline population increases, so we want to do our best to find loving homes for them all.”

With more than 150 cats at the shelter – some of the older ones having been there for six months or more – Iacopella said she hopes the promotion with increase interest.

In addition, the $85 fee will be waived for the first 20 people who take advantage of the promotion.

“Those first 20 people will be able to adopt two of our wonderful cats or kittens absolutely free,” Iacopella said. “We were so fortunate to have received a grant from Maddie’s Fund that is making this possible.”

Those unable to adopt but who would like to volunteer are welcome to do so, Iacopella said.

The shelter is also always looking for pet foster parents and food, toys, and bedding donations.

For more information, call (678) 965-7185 or visit