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Ban on burning ends Monday
But permits still required for most
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Forsyth County News


For more information on the ban being lifted, call (678) 455-8072 or visit the fire department’s page on To get a burn permit, required for most types of outdoor burning, call the Georgia Forestry Commission at (877) 652-2876.

Forsyth County’s burn ban will be lifted Monday.

Those with a burn permit will be allowed to begin outdoor burning of leaves, trash, yard debris and other outdoor waste through April 30.

“The fire chief and staff are comfortable with the burn ban lifting for Forsyth County as planned,” said Forsyth County Fire Division Chief Jason Shivers.

“As the seasons change and fall temperatures move into north Georgia, the weather conditions are more favorable for blowing out smoke and dissipating it more effectively than during the hot, humid summer months.”

Shivers said the initial intent of the burn ban was to promote air quality across the metro Atlanta area.

But the effort by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division has also proved effective in the preventing fires during the hot summer months.

Despite the ban being lifted, Shivers said it could be reinstated of weather conditions pose a threat.

“On a day-by-day basis, we will decide whether burning is or is not allowed based on weather conditions,” he said. “It will always be posted on the county Web site early each day as to whether a burn ban is in place for the day.”