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Board hears request from 911 chief
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Forsyth County News

The Forsyth County E-911 Advisory Board held its first meeting of the year Thursday.

The panel agreed during the session to ask the county commission to allow a designee for Pat Giordano, if she couldn’t attend a meeting.

Giordano, director of the county 911 Center and a non-voting board member, made the request.

Giordano, who occasionally attends training sessions off site, said she didn’t want to limit the ability of meetings being scheduled because her job duties sometimes require her to be elsewhere.

The county commission revised the resolution creating the advisory board last year to include the requirement that it meet at least once per quarter.

The panel had met irregularly in years past.

Thursday, Giordano was asked to provide a list of those who could attend in her place, such as the center’s assistant director.

That list will then go to the county commission for approval.

The advisory board’s next meeting has not been scheduled, but is expected to occur sometime in the spring.