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Congressman attends business meeting
Woodall WEB

U.S. District 7 Rep. Rob Woodall sat in on a Cumming-Forsyth Chamber of Commerce small business roundtable discussion Tuesday.

Woodall, a Republican from Lawrenceville whose recently redrawn district includes much of Forsyth County, said in a statement that the group discussed whether increased federal regulation is bad policy. Other topics included President Barack Obama’s health care plan.

According to Woodall, roundtable participants expressed reluctance to expand their businesses due to a requirement in the health care law.

Starting in 2014, it stipulates businesses with 50 or more employees must offer health care coverage or pay the government a substantial per-worker penalty.

“Scaring people into compliance is not going to spur America’s economy,” Woodall said. “There is nothing like a federal mandate to frighten a business into scaling back. We don’t want to shackle America’s economy, we want to unleash it.”

The roundtable was held at Cumming City Hall. Woodall, who is seeking re-election this year, told the gathering he will continue to do what he can to “take federal government out of their equation for success.”

“Job creation does not happen in Washington, it happens here at home when individuals have the vision and the creativity to start a business and grow it from the ground up,” he said.