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County in mix for national tourney
Five-year host deal could carry $2M impact
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Forsyth County News

Forsyth County likely will join New York City and Reno, Nev., as a site for a rotating national softball tournament.

The parks board on Tuesday approved moving forward to finalize a five-year agreement with Triple Crown Sports.

The first event — the USA Nationals gold level tournament for girls’ age divisions 14, 16 and 18 — would be in July.

According to athletic division manager Wayne Maddox, representatives of Triple Crown felt Forsyth’s facilities would be a great fit after taking a tour earlier this year.

The tournament would bring more than 100 elite softball teams to the county, and the championship game for the 18-year-old division would be broadcast on CBS Sports Network, he said.

In years the county didn’t play host to the national games, it would still be the site of the East Coast tournament, Maddox said.

When asked by the board, he said a downside to the agreement could be that the parks used for the event would have to be closed during the tournament, shifting camps and other summer activities to other dates.

The parks department plans to discontinue being a host of Amateur Softball Association tournaments, which didn’t draw the impact they had been expecting, Maddox said.

Unlike ASA, in which members bid for the opportunity to hold an event, he said Triple Crown would pay the county for field use and improvements to the pitching areas and fencing.

He’s estimating Forsyth would receive between $28,000 and $31,000 for the events, and the tournament could have an economic impact of up to $2 million.