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Drug discount program through county begins
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For more information on the Coast2Coast Rx program, go online at

Forsyth County has joined a prescription drug discount program that provides cost savings on medications for residents.

The Coast2Coast Rx program offers free cards, which can be used at most pharmacies, to anyone.

Noting that health care costs are on the rise, County Commission Chairman Pete Amos said in a statement that the “discounts will help ease some of the financial burdens individuals and families are facing at a time when they need it the most.”

“There are no eligibility requirements, so the Rx card is expected to have a sizeable impact on uninsured residents or residents facing high insurance deductibles,” he said. “If a particular drug isn’t covered under a person’s health plan, they can use the card to save on those prescriptions.”

Forsyth is one of several Georgia counties to enter into an agreement for the prescription program, which is endorsed by Association County Commissioners Georgia. The county will receive $1.25 in royalties for each prescription filled using the card.

In return, Coast2Coast Rx will have the ability to use the county seal and promote the program locally.

Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills brought up the idea for discussion in August after learning about the program at an association meeting.

“There are companies coming into our county offering this without going through the county,” she said. “This is just something that ACCG recommended that the county would at least have some type of endorsement of it. We wouldn’t have any responsibility of it, but we would receive some proceeds.”

The program will be provided at no cost to the county, with Coast2Coast Rx handling customer service. Forsyth is also not liable for the card or claims, said County Attorney Ken Jarrard at a Sept. 19 commission meeting when the the contract was approved in a unanimous vote.

“Basically, we are being asked to sponsor a prescription benefit discount card,” Jarrard said. “The only thing we are lending them is our name and our sanction. If in fact this card is used by either citizens or employees of the counties or whoever may retain the card, the county will get a small subsidy.”

The card can be obtained at most participating pharmacies, libraries and county offices, as well as online, according to a company news release.

It goes on to note that the card also offers discounts on dental, vision, veterinary and hearing services, as well as on lab and imaging tests and diabetes supplies and equipment for all family members.