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Farm gathering focuses on growing awareness
Group: Agribusiness often goes unappreciated
Goats WEB
Goats peek through a fence at Warbington Farms in north Forsyth, where a breakfast meeting was held Tuesday. - photo by Jennifer Sami


Dairy, vegetables and beef may be what’s for dinner, but it appears fewer households are aware of where that meal comes from and what triggers price fluctuations.

Finding ways to educate people about the thriving agriculture industry is why a group of farmers gathered Tuesday morning at Warbington Farms in north Forsyth.

Several members of the Forsyth County Farm Bureau attended the second annual Farm City Week Breakfast & Meeting.

“So many counties rely on agriculture. Without agriculture businesses, those counties would not have income,” said Roby Murray, District 1 Farm Bureau field representative.

“It’s important for economic reasons, but it’s also important because everybody has to eat.”

Especially in the current economy, consumers should know about the price structure of agricultural commodities, said Wesley Hall, chairman of the Georgia Farm Bureau Young Farmer Committee.

A farmer’s profit is typically a fraction of the final cost paid at the grocery store, he said.

For example, a gallon of milk, which he said is about $4.59 in stores, yields a little more than a dollar for the farm.

“Just because [the prices of] steaks are high in the grocery store … that doesn’t mean the farmers are making money,” he said.

Paul Warbington, farm manager, talked about his crops, which include strawberries, pumpkins, watermelons and Christmas trees.

He also touched on the difficulty small farms have drawing attention from local families.

“The only way people are coming here is if we get them here through activities,” he said of the farm.

Warbington Farms offers events including strawberry picking, birthday parties, a Christmas tree village and summer storytime.

Forsyth County Commissioner Todd Levent attended Tuesday’s breakfast.

He agreed the message should be spread that Forsyth has farms offering the same activities as those found in nearby counties.

“It’s all about education,” he said.