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Festival full of flavor
Annual Taste of Forsyth satisfies
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Bob McGinnis of Bob’s Lemonade serves visitors Saturday during the Taste of Forsyth Along the Hospitality Highway at the Cumming Fairgrounds. - photo by Autumn Vetter

Doug Franks busily cut a large sheet of brownies and dipped the individual portions into a vat of batter.

He then dropped them into sizzling oil before dusting the steamy crusty pieces in a thick white layer of confectioner’s sugar.

“They all want to know how many calories are in them,” said Franks, shaking his head. “If they really want to know that, they shouldn’t be eating them, or be here for that matter.”

Franks, owner of Deep Fried Brownies, was one of about 25 vendors who took part in Saturday’s Taste of Forsyth Along the Hospitality Highway at the Cumming Fairgrounds’ arena.

Those attending had the opportunity to try $1- to $4-samples of foods ranging from tacos and barbecue to sushi and ice cream.

Tracy Helms, one of the organizers, said attendance was high all day.

“It was crowded at 11 [when the event began] and went like that all day,” he said. “I couldn’t tell you exactly how many people we had, but it was the largest crowd I remember at any Taste event.”

For many years, Forsyth Family Haven, a domestic violence shelter, put on the event as a fundraiser.

Taste of Forsyth stopped a few years ago, only to be adopted in 2011 by the city of Cumming.

Helms credited several reasons for Saturday’s large turnout.

“The weather was definitely a contributing factor and a lot of people came out for the Easter egg hunts,” he said.

Three hunts were held for various age groups throughout the day.

Holly Marx, who was in town from Colorado visiting her sister, agreed the children-focused activities were a draw.

“We came for the egg hunt with the kiddos,” she said. “Then we had our own taste test of all the different barbecues.

“We each had samples from the different places and all tried them. Now we’re doing the same with the all the cupcakes.”

Valerie Fricker, owner of Dream Cakes, sold mini cupcakes and cake pops from her brightly decorated booth.

“It’s been crazy,” she said. “We’ve had a steady flow all day.”

Among the favorite flavors were chocolate chip cookie dough and strawberry, she said.

“And we can’t keep the vanilla cupcakes on the shelves.”

Amy Wilson said her family most enjoyed Greek gyros from Baba’s Gyro & Kabob, and tacos from Rio Baisos.

“The fish tacos were awesome,” she said. “Fish on a taco sounds kind of gross, but man they were good.”

David Covington brought his daughter, Sydney Covington, and her friend, Sydney Gillice, to the event.

They enjoyed mint chocolate chip and vanilla ice cream cones while he ate a plate of pulled pork.

“It’s good,” he said of the food. “But watching them have a good time is the best part.”