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Forsyth-based firm adds new market
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Forsyth County News

DeKalb Office in south Forsyth recently announced it has acquired Interior Design Services, which is located in the Nashville, Tenn., area.

The purchase will expand DeKalb Office’s regional enterprise offerings, allowing the company to serve the Atlanta, Birmingham, Ala., and Nashville markets.

It opened its second location in Birmingham in 2009.

According to the company, the new entity will be better positioned to help customers create spaces that give them a competitive advantage in clinical, educational and corporate settings.

Each site will continue to function as a local business operated by local residents.

John Rasper, president and CEO, said in a statement that the company believes “in respect, integrity, community and accountability as the foundation of all we do.”

“I’m excited to combine those fundamentals with my vision for the Nashville marketplace of providing a forward-thinking, insightful, flexible and thoughtful customer experience in every way, every day, to every customer,” he said.

DeKalb Office has been in business since 1952, when it began as an office furniture supplier in Decatur.

Today, it serves some of the nation’s top corporations, hospitals and medical centers, as well as many colleges, universities, governmental agencies and small private businesses.