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Hospital campus expanding
Work begins on Northside building
Hospital WEB
Lynn Jackson, Northside Hospital-Forsyth administrator, left, surveys the site of a new medical office building with Katherine Watson, Northside senior public relations specialist, on Wednesday. - photo by Crystal Ledford

A new medical office building is being added at Northside Hospital-Forsyth.

The 100,000-square-foot, four-story facility is going up next door to the Women’s Center, and likely will cater to women’s services medical practices, said Lynn Jackson, hospital administrator.

“Primarily, this building will serve the Women’s Center,” Jackson said. “Clearly, it could be for other uses, but really it probably won’t be given that most of the square footage will probably be taken up by support of women’s services, which is great because of the location.”

The $17 million addition, which is anticipated to be finished sometime in August, likely will house practices such as those in the OBGYN and pediatrics fields and will be connected to the Women’s Center.

Jackson said the hospital’s Center for Perinatal Medicine, which is upstairs in the Women’s Center, likely will also move to the new facility.

“That will free up some space for us [in the Women’s Center],” said Jackson, adding that at least some of that space probably would be used for the center’s many classes for expectant and new mothers and families.

“I think now we’re offering about 40 different education classes,” she said. “It’s not just the traditional Lamaze and all that, but also there’s the breast feeding classes, the sibling support classes, baby sign language, daddy boot camp — there’s something for everybody.”

Some other facilities housed in the Women’s Center could move to the new building, but Jackson said “everything’s still a little under consideration as far as what all will be housed there.”

As for how many medical offices could be located in the new building, Jackson said it would depend on how much space each practice requires.

“Some of the pediatric office groups are going up from 3,000 or 4,000 square feet in the 1505 Building [across from the Women’s Center] to about 5,000 to 6,000 square feet in the new building,” Jackson said.

She said this will be the fourth medical office building to be built on the campus, with the need for practice space continuing to grow.

“A lot of the practices here have incubated … which is very positive because it gives access to their customers,” she said, noting that many started off as satellite offices of those near Northside’s main campus in Sandy Springs.

“But now the patient doesn’t have to drive so far. And when you’re going to the doctor every month or however often you have to go during a pregnancy, that makes all the difference.”

Jackson said the new building will be unique in that it will be focused on a specific medical area.

“That building probably more than any other on this campus will be very service-specific,” she said. “It will be the one that is driven in support of the Women’s Center.”

She said continued expansions of the hospital are a good sign of the area’s healthy economic outlook.

“We’ve had constant expansion and that’s a very positive sign for the region, I think, economically speaking,” she said. “From an economic perspective that is a very positive sign for us and probably puts us in good stead for the next decade as the community does grow and we become sized adequately to handle that.”