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Hwy. 20 East Overlay Committee holds first meeting

EAST FORSYTH — A group of residents concerned about the future of the Highway 20 between Cumming and the Chattahoochee River held its first meeting Wednesday night.

District 5 Forsyth County Commissioner Jim Boff, who suggested the idea of forming the Highway 20 East Overlay Committee, addressed the panel. He noted that there is an existing overlay for the district, but that it could be improved.

“I think there wasn’t a lot of interest when I first put it out, but things have changed around here,” he said. “I think people have come into the realization that the basic overlay that I had could be beefed up or improved or modified in some way.”

The first meeting focused on getting the committee set up legally, establishing what constitutes a quorum and what would be subject to the open records act.

It also set the tone for future discussion by giving the group an overview of the county’s unified development code.

The group took no action Wednesday, but members sounded off on some of the issues affecting the corridor, such as an increase in car dealerships, signs and traffic, as well as the exterior look of the buildings.

The members, all of whom live near the highway, include: Allyssa Barbour, Alice Cotter, Tim Dineen, Keith Hagstette, Robin Hood, Steve Kirby, Jim Myers and Kathleen Rastetter.

Rastetter and Hood were not present for the first meeting.

The group’s next meeting, which is open to the public, is set for June 3.