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New sewer plant wins out over existing facility
Construction likely to take two years
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Forsyth County News

South Forsyth will be getting a new sewer plant in a couple years.

County commissioners on Thursday awarded construction of the Shakerag Water Reclamation Facility for nearly $29 million and abandoned discussion of buying the existing Cauley Creek plant in Johns Creek.

The commission had heard from the owner of the north Fulton facility and staff on Oct. 22 to decide whether to buy used or build new.

Chairman Pete Amos said the decision came down to economics.

“We felt the sewer plant in our own county, in our own boundaries, was the better deal for the county long term,” Amos said.

County officials had debated the issue for some time.

As Forsyth solicited bids to build its own plant, the commission in September abandoned consideration of buying Cauley Creek, which is on Bell Road just south of the county line.

A short time later, commissioners tentatively awarded a bid for Shakerag.

On Oct. 17, they were scheduled to take a final vote on the construction bid, but first reopened discussion on Cauley Creek, inviting owner Ron Green to make a presentation.

Green contended his plant has a higher capacity for less cost, but county staff felt the upkeep with the older facility would negate the up-front savings, among other issues.

The Cauley Creek facility had been operating under contract with Fulton County until about a year ago, when that government terminated its agreement.

Construction of the Shakerag plant, located on the Chattahoochee River in south Forsyth, is expected to take about two years to complete.

The money will come from the county’s water and sewer fund.