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Nido Café in Vickery Village fails health inspection
First score since opening in February
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Nido means nest in Spanish

A west Forsyth restaurant that opened less than six months ago in Vickery Village recently failed its health inspection due to a “laundry list” of small violations.

Nido Café, a tapas restaurant located at 5755 Clarion St. that opened Feb. 1, received a score of 51 on its July 14 inspection from the Forsyth County Public Health Department.

The report indicates this was the first time the restaurant has been inspected as its current establishment; it was previously most recently inspected on Jan. 5 when it was still a coffee shop, though it already was under its current ownership at that time.

The Jan. 5 inspection netted a score of 97, and a Dec. 23 score was reported as an 80.

Kevin Neel, co-owner and chief operations officer, told the Forsyth County News the “laundry list” of violations were not critical issues; rather, he said it was a culmination of small infractions.

“We’ve got everything tidy now and asked the inspector to come back early [this] week,” he said. “It was little things, like a ponytail not being restrained.”

Some of the restaurant’s 17 violations included: not having a certified food manager; employees failing to wash their hands before donning gloves after touching their cellphones or returning from the restroom; raw chicken and raw beef being thawed in vegetable prep sinks and being thawed without being run under water; and dining tables being sanitized with soap instead of chlorine.

The person in charge also “could not provide documentation or otherwise satisfactorily demonstrate during the inspection that all food employees and conditional employees are informed of their responsibility to report to management information about their health and activities as it relates to diseases that are transmissible through food,” the report said.

A follow-up inspection should occur on or before July 24, during which the eatery must score a 70 or above.

If it fails to do so, it will be shut down, and if it fails in subsequent yearly inspections, it “will have to voluntarily close.”