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Requests for hundreds of new homes clear Forsyth planning board
Rezoning applications spread across every district of county

FORSYTH COUNTY — Requests for nine new neighborhoods totaling 967 homes — and stretching into every district of Forysth — were recommended for approval Tuesday night by the county planning board.

The lots, all single-family residential and ranging in size from neighborhoods of nine homes to 235, will be presented to the county commission for final approval Feb. 19.

Although the smallest rezoning, Mark Corkery’s request to turn 5.01 acres into a Res-2 single family residential district from an agricultural district, or A1, appeared to be the most surprising.

District 5 representative Robert Hoyt said in a previous work session that it may be the first Res-2, the second-lowest density zoning for single family homes, he has seen since his appointment to the planning board last January.

His district, which spans most of east Forsyth along Lake Lanier, has experienced the least growth in recent years as most new subdivisions have been concentrated on the county’s south and west ends.

If approved next month by the commission, the nine lots would be nestled among the Chattahoochee River Club on Echols Road just west of the river near Lower Pool Park.

The homes would be linked to a sewer septic system, and Hoyt included a condition to prohibit mass grading except where needed for utilities or by the engineering department.

The application was recommended for approval in a 4-1 vote, with District 2/south Forsyth representative Jayne Iglesias dissenting.

Although this was the only Res-2 the board saw Tuesday night, an applicant requesting to rezone nearly 92 acres from A1 to Res-3 intends to build 157 lots at about 1.7 units per acre, a lower density than the maximum allotted for Res-2.

The neighborhood in question would be off Campground and Wills roads near Post Road. The overall average minimum lot size was listed at 16,000 square feet.

Sharp Residential LLC’s application involves an area that is not as developed as the subdivision that would be built, with surrounding neighbors owning an average of 15 acres, resident David Hole said.

Hole ran unsuccessfully last year for the county commission post in District 3, where the property sits. The lots adjacent to his north-neighboring property would be buffered from view and with a larger width than many others.

To the west, lots facing Campground Road would also be larger than those inside, with an average lot size of 20,000 square feet.

The request moved on in a 4-1 vote, with District 3 representative Greg Dolezal opposed.

District 3 also saw an application from Ridgeline Land Planning LLC seeking to rezone about 91 acres from A1 to Res-3. The request, which was approved 5-0, would bring 190 lots at 2.1 units per acre to Post Road if approved by the commission.

The neighborhood may be connected to an east-neighboring subdivision that was rezoned last year.

District 4, which covers north Forsyth and sees growth more in line with District 5, saw two requests that would be added to an already-zoned tract of land.

The request to change a commercial business district, or CBD, to a detached single0family homes Res-6 zoning by Jack Hamilton aims to bring 183 homes to the west side of Ga. 400 just north of Settingdown Circle.

While the initial application from before 2008 sought 221 town homes, Hamilton said single-family homes make more economic sense and match the demand for lower densities.

Town homes would be built at nearly 6 units per acre, while the houses would rest at about 4 units per acre. The goal is to bring restaurants and retail businesses to the property directly on Ga. 400. The application was sent to the commission with a 5-0 vote.

District 2’s sole application asked to rezone about 21 acres from A1 to Res-3 for 29 lots at 1.4 units per acre.

The property, located on Old Alpharetta Road, is currently a working horse farm. Homes would have an average lot size of 17,000 square feet to be potentially sold starting at $500,000.

A motion to postpone the recommendation based on water and environmental concerns did not pass, with Hoyt and Dolezal voting in favor. The application, submitted by 1699 Land Company LLC ultimately passed 5-0.

Two applications in District 1 both were sent to the commission in 3-2 votes for approval with Iglesias and Dolezal opposed.

A property on Pisgah Road was recommended for approval to rezone an R2R to Res-3, bringing 164 lots to about 86 acres at 1.9 units per acre.

Wolf Creek Inc.’s request asked for homes with an average lot size of 12,500 square feet and a minimum lot width of 70 feet. An active amenity area would include at least one swimming pool and tennis courts.

The second application asked to rezone 114.09 acres on Hurt Bridge Road from A1 and CBD to Res-3. At 2 units per acre, 235 homes would be allotted with an average lot size of 11,500 square feet.

This is a smaller lot size than surrounding neighborhoods, which Pam Bowman, commission chairwoman and District 1 representative, said was due to the large amount of water running through the property. Two motions to increase the average lot size were denied.