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Sawnee EMC feature tracks energy use
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Forsyth County News


* To enroll in Sawnee EMC’s Proactive Energy Alert program, go to and select “my energy alerts” on the right.

* For more information, contact Sawnee’s call center at (770) 887-2363 or e-mail

Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation has created a new Web-based program that helps customers monitor their energy use.

Called Proactive Energy Alert, the program allows Sawnee members to know within 24 hours when their home energy use has substantially increased over amounts normally used in a typical day.

Blake House, vice president of member services, said in a statement that the new program came as a result of feedback from customers. 

“We have members call us every day about their bill and most of them tell us that they simply did not realize how much energy they were using until it was too late,” he said. “So we designed the Proactive Energy Alert program to help facilitate that need.”

Members can opt into the program, which notifies they exceed the normal threshold based on an average usage of the previous 14 days.

The threshold is customizable and can range from two to 10 times the normal, depending on what the customer requests.

The alert system is also linked to Sawnee’s mobile application, or app.