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Search continues for missing mascot
Disappeared from yogurt shop Nov. 5
Someone took a Menchie Man costume from the Menchie's shop in Cumming.

To report any tips on Menchie Man’s whereabouts, call (404) 513-1714.

Maybe they thought it was Santa’s sack, but whoever took a big red bag from Menchie’s is no St. Nick.

The bag, which was reported missing Nov. 5 from the frozen yogurt shop’s rear parking lot, contained the business' mascot, Menchie Man.

“It’s like an 8-foot-tall yogurt cone,” said Rodd Seigel, owner of the franchise off Hwy. 20 in Cumming. "So if someone has it, it’s pretty obvious it’s ours.

“We have chalkboards in our restaurants and the kids write on the chalkboards ‘please bring Menchie Man back.’”

"Missing" flyers are also popping up all over town. And a reward -- a free yogurt every week for a year -- has been promised for anyone who returns the costume to the business.

“I don’t know why somebody would steal it,” Seigel said.

Neither do Cumming police, who have come up cold on the case.

“I’m not really sure what we’d use to run this thing down,” said Cumming Police Detective John Coffman. “We don’t have any leads to follow.”

Menchie Man, a cartoon-like frozen yogurt swirl, is the mascot for the franchise, which has locations in more than 21 states and five countries.

The costume was in a red bag in Seigel’s trailer, which was parked behind the store.

He went inside the shop for a few minutes and returned to find it missing.

Seigel said someone expecting cash may have just trashed the bag once they realized it was a costume. But he “looked all around the Dumpsters in the local area just to see.”

“I looked for about four or five hours that day, all around, and I couldn’t find it anywhere,” he said.

Nearby Panda Express has a video camera that overlooks the rear parking lot, but the footage stops just short of where Seigel’s trailer was parked.

The costume may hold no value to whoever took it, but it cost Seigel $1,500 to have Menchie Man made. The order took about three months.

Fortunately, there are about five stores in the metro Atlanta area that share three other costumes. Seigel can borrow one for special events, such as birthday parties, fundraisers and school visits.

But that was little consolation the day after his costume vanished. Menchie Man had to miss two birthday parties Nov. 6 because there wasn’t enough time to borrow a replacement, Seigel said.