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Showdown super for business
Merchants hone game plan
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John Lamkin helps stock the cooler Tuesday at Jax Beverage Shop on Market Place Boulevard. Local retailers expect to be busy in the days leading up to Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII. - photo by Autumn Vetter

Just as the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens are preparing for the Super Bowl, area retailers are working this week to help customers plan their big game day events.

The two teams will meet for Super Bowl XLVII at 7 p.m. Sunday in New Orleans, with millions of fans around the country and world watching the CBS broadcast.

Many of them will also be gathering with friends and family for the game, which generates good business for retailers.

“Super Bowl over time has evolved into almost a holiday in and of itself,” said Steve Reid, manager of Super Target on Market Place Boulevard.

“Even though it’s based around a football game, it has all the feel of a holiday in terms of people getting together and celebrating and buying food and getting together with friends and things.”

Matt Goggins, general manager of BJ’s Wholesale Club also on Market Place, agreed that Super Bowl week boosts business.

“We do very well this week,” he said. “… A lot of people have Super Bowl parties going on and we have a lot of offerings for that.”

According to Goggins, those offerings included everything from “salty snacks like chips” to soft drinks and desserts.

Of course, Super Bowl party-goers need beverages to wash down all that festive food. Besides sodas, beer and other alcoholic drinks likely will be popular.

Randy Miller, manager of Jax Beverage Shop in Cumming, said he and his staff are looking forward to big sales.

“It’ll be a three-day event and the parties will start Friday night,” he said. “It would’ve been better if the Falcons had been in it — we were all hoping for that — but still the parties will start Friday.”

Miller said some of the top sellers probably will include “some high-end wine and champagne, but mostly liquor and beer.”

This will be the first year for Sunday alcohol sales in Forsyth County, so Miller said that could help business.

“We’ll get a lot more foot traffic in here big,” he said. “We don’t open till 12:30 on Sunday, [due to] state law, so they’ll be lined up. We saw it two weeks ago when the Falcons [playoff] game was on. That Sunday we had 10 times the number of people out there lined up around 12 o’clock.

“It’ll be nonstop [for the Super Bowl]. We’re looking forward to it.”

Back at BJ’s, Goggins said preparations are under way.

“We have party trays that we make up in the deli, cupcakes that we can decorate with Super Bowl teams … we actually have a [cupcake] kit this year with the Ravens and the 49ers. Wish it was the [Atlanta] Falcons, but oh well,” he said.

Target features a similar range of goodies.

“It’s pizza, wings, chips, the usual things,” Reid said. “Deli platters are big this time of year … and depending on the weather, of course, some people grill out, so we even have ribs on sale this week.”

Goggins touted his store’s custom cuttings of meat.

“Whatever they want for the Super Bowl, we can cut it however they want it,” he said, noting that someone who wants a half rack of ribs can have that portion cut from a whole rack.

Another big Super Bowl item at BJ’s is its three-foot subs, which are only sold this week.

“You just place your order and we’ll make it up for you,” Goggins said.