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Six stores caught in alcohol sales sting
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Forsyth County News

CUMMING — As part of an undercover sweep conducted by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, employees at several local businesses were cited this week after selling alcohol to a minor.

The citations are part of the ongoing effort by the agency to increase accountability for underage alcohol sales, according to Robin Regan, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

He said any business in the county that serves or sells alcohol with a permit — gas stations, restaurants, hotels and bars, among others — may be subject to a check.

The standard procedure is for an undercover deputy and a person who is younger than 21 to enter the establishment.

The minor attempts to purchase alcohol — beer or wine was listed in this group of incident reports — while the deputy witnesses. If a sale is made or other violation is observed, Regan said, the deputy comes back and issues a citation.

According to Regan, the violation is of a county ordinance that prohibits the sale of alcohol to minors and is issued to the person who makes the sale. This usually isn’t the person who holds the alcohol permit. The citation carries a fine.

If the business gets several violations, its license can be reviewed by the county.

The businesses that received citations Monday were:

* Marathon gas station, 182 Buford Dam Road

* Silk Road, 872 Buford Highway

* Racetrac, 888 Buford Highway

* Ingles, 1090 Buford Highway

* BP gas station, 901 Buford Highway

* Chevron gas station, 3210 Buford Highway

Violations stemmed from various offenses, including failing to check the buyer’s identification, which was real, or checking the ID but still completing the sale.

All sales were paid for with a $20 bill marked with a blue highlighter.

After the citation was issued, the deputy requested the bill back, as it was being used as a prop. The purchased alcohol was also returned.