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Small business initiative continued, broadened
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Forsyth County will continue its local small business initiative this year, but with more businesses possibly eligible to take part.

The initiative, first approved in April 2009, gives small, local businesses an advantage when competing for county contracts.

“The LSBI aims to return taxpayer funds back to the local economy in a relatively short time frame,” said Donna Kukarola, county procurement director. “We also have a goal of providing more opportunities to Forsyth County businesses.”

Essentially, if two companies vie for a project, the county would choose the local business's bid as long as it was not more than 3 percent higher than that of an out-of-county firm.

The eligibility requirements were broadened at a recent commission work session.

Now, those businesses with no more than 50 full-time employees or grossing less than $7.5 million annually over the last three years may qualify.

During the commission work session, staff and officials thought of a few scenarios in 2010 where the new requirements could have ushered in a local firm.

Businesses must also meet other requirements, such as the proposal being less than $100,000.

For any solicitation or bid, vendors hoping to receive local preference through the policy must demonstrate they satisfy all of the requirements.

This must be done each time a vendor submits a bid, quote or proposal and would like to be considered under the initiative.