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South Forsyth businessman makes list of top CEOs in nation
Glassdoor poll according to employee reviews
Scott Dockter
Scott Dockter, CEO of PBD Worldwide in south Forsyth, said he values work-life balance, health, fitness and family time for his employees. - photo by Micah Green

The CEO of a Forsyth County company has been recognized as one of the top bosses in the world for small and medium businesses.

Scott Dockter, CEO of PBD Worldwide in south Forsyth, was recently named to a list of highest-rated CEOs according to employee perceptions done by the website Glassdoor. The ranking was based on “anonymous and voluntary reviews” from employees through the site.

The CEO has a great rapport with the staff and meets with small groups regularly to help promote communication among departments and facilities as well as up and down the ranks. He inspires the staff to be the best we can be every day.
Anonymous employee review on Glassdoor

“It’s real gratifying,” Dockter said. “I’m very humbled by the award and certainly appreciative of the employees feeling about being here at PBD. We have a really high rating as a company, and that’s more important than my ranking.”

The website gave Dockter a 96 percent approval rating from his employees. The average rating, based on 700,000 companies, is 67 percent.

PBD Worldwide offers fulfillment services “for e-commerce companies, retailers, corporations, publishers, associations and faith-based organizations.”

Dockter said he found out about the award on his 24th anniversary with the company, but his involvement goes back even further — his parents founded PBD Worldwide 41 years ago.

“It’s been a great run,” he said. “My family did a great job, my parents in particular did a great job, of creating a culture here way back when we started the company, and it’s kind of a neat thing. There’s a lot of things still a part of who we are based on when we started.”

Great company with an open door policy for all management including the CEO
Anonymous employee review on Glassdoor

Today, PBD has more than 350 employees and operates in multiple states. Dockter said the culture of the company helps with that and that the most satisfying part of the award was recognition for the business.

“I think our culture has always been something that people talk to us about —and that includes our clients — they like being part of the culture here,” Dockter said. “It’s a group of people who get along. They like coming to work every day.

“It is work, so it’s not always the most fun, but we try to make it a place that people feel good coming into.”

Dockter said he believes in the old adage that if you take care of employees, they’ll take care of you and your clients. With that, the company seems to be popular among employees and has been recognized with awards for top work place, best and brightest company to work for and healthiest workplace. 

“We have coaches that we bring in to help us with this,” he said. “We even have a chaplain that comes from a more spiritual side that can offer impact, as well. It’s just trying to find what are the triggers that can help people and assist them in making good decisions, and anytime that we can do that on behalf of our employees,  that’s the approach.”

Our CEO even has periodic breakfast sessions with us (everyone in the company) so that he can get real feedback on how things are going. AMAZING.
Anonymous employee review on Glassdoor

Dockter said he wants to create an environment where employees know he cares about their health and work-life balance, something he also tries to maintain for himself.

A former tennis player at the University of Virginia, Dockter said activity is important for him and his family. 

“I have a great family — four children from ages 26-18 and a great wife that I’ve been married to for 28 years,” he said. “We try to stay real active, and we try to do a lot when we have the opportunity. We have a couple of kids that don’t live here in Atlanta anymore, so it’s hard to do that, but we try to spend family time and be real active.”