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Sports Warehouse hiring to begin this summer for south Forsyth location

An e-commerce company that recently announced its move to Forsyth County is expected to be operational in late August or early September. 

There has been local interest in Sports Warehouse, a California-based e-commerce company moving to a facility in south Forsyth at 1295 Bluegrass Lakes Parkway, since the move was announced earlier this year.

The new facility will be the company’s East Coast hub.

“As the largest tennis e-commerce company in the world, we are very much looking forward to expanding into this passionate tennis community,” said Denis Sullivan, Sports Warehouse’s director of operations for the east coast. “Locally, we are eager to bring hundreds of jobs to Forsyth County, and on a broader scale, this facility will allow us to better serve all tennis and running customers throughout the entire eastern region.”

The company is expected to pay about $14 million for renovations and to bring hundreds of jobs to the community.

“It’s a fairly large remodel, and while we want it finished as quickly as possible, we have to let that take its course,” Sullivan said. “Hopefully, we can have some initial hiring done by that point, allowing us to have staffing in place on day one.”

Sullivan said hiring would begin in the next few months with more to follow this fall. The company is looking to hire locally for jobs in distribution, operations and customer service, particularly recent college graduates.

“Some initial hiring may begin in July or August and will pick up a little more through September and October,” he said. “This timeline is contingent on the construction schedule and may change a few weeks in one direction or the other. The number of expected jobs has not changed, with the long term plan still being 300-400 jobs.”

The company, coined as a “global retail supplier of sports and outdoor equipment,” also does business as Tennis Warehouse, Running Warehouse, Tackle Warehouse, Skate Warehouse, Inline Warehouse, Ice Warehouse, Derby Warehouse, Riding Warehouse, Art’s Cyclery, Racquetball Warehouse and Total Pickleball.

Tennis Warehouse and Running Warehouse will be moving to Forsyth. Once those have settled in, others may follow.

Tackle Warehouse has been discussed as a possible future addition. 

Previously, the development was called “Project Deuce” to protect the name of the company as Forsyth was being considered along with other areas in metro-Atlanta and Nashville, Orlando and Charlotte.

County commissioners also approved right of way abandonment for the unpaved and undeveloped portion of Jones Road at a recent work session, and the county’s development authority approved an inducement resolution, the first step toward a bond for property tax, for the company.