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Candidate, party chief visit local GOP women
Steve Tarvin, 9th District Republican candidate for Congress - photo by Jennifer Sami
Steve Tarvin spoke to Republicans with a clear message: take the politicians out of Congress and replace them with moral businessmen.

“The difference between me and the other people in this race — they think it and I’ve lived it,” said Tarvin, a 9th District Republican candidate for Congress.

“If you want to make this about politics, I’m not your man ... this can no longer be about politics. It’s got to be about the future of America.”

Tarvin, a Chickamauga resident and city councilman, spoke during the Republican Women of Forsyth County meeting Tuesday, which also featured Sue Everhart, chairwoman of the Georgia Republican Party.

As the first woman elected to that position, Everhart said she didn’t want to lose any party candidates to Democrats under her watch.

Specifically, Everhart said the party has to align against Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Roy Barnes.

Because there are several Republicans vying against each other in the primary election for governor, Everhart said there likely will be a runoff.

“They’re going to come out of that runoff beat up and bloody and broke,” she said. “We’re going to have a bus ready to go and rallies set up all over the state and they’re not going to get to go home and take a vacation ... they’re going to get on that bus on Wednesday morning and we’re going to tour the state.

“We will only have six weeks from the runoff to early voting. That is not enough time to clean up what they’ve already been damaged by their opponents.”

Everhart also updated the group on changes in grassroots efforts. Those include social media profiles, a new Web site and video studio, which can be used to make recordings for any Republican candidates, several of whom attended or were represented at Tuesday’s meeting.

The 9th Congressional District stretches across North Georgia and includes much of Forsyth County.

The post is being vacated by Republican Nathan Deal, who is running for governor.

Tarvin spoke about his experience in the textile industry of northwest Georgia. He said he became president of a $15 million company by age 34.

He still serves in that capacity at Crystal Springs Print Works, where he said his son and daughter would take over if he is elected to serve.

He said his business experience gives him the edge in a race against several other candidates.

“These people in this race will not out-business me, they won’t outthink me, they won’t out problem solve me,” he said. “There’s nobody in this race that’s more ethical than I am or more honest than I am. They may have a better vocabulary and they may be more formally educated, but I’m the man for this job.

“We need business people in Washington. There is a clear-cut choice in this race now. I am the best qualified man in this race, for this year, for this time, to go to  Washington and do what needs to be done.”