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This class will help you understand your dog better

Does your dog bite worse than it barks? If so the Forsyth County Public Library System has an upcoming program just for you.

This Tuesday, the Sharon Forks Library will host a free, “humans only” dog behavior workshop by certified dog behavior consultant Lauren Van Duzer of Happy Hounds and Beyond, where pet owners will learn secrets of canine communication and learn to understand the behavior of their four-legged best friends, according to a library press release.

“We love our furry companions, and it’s natural to want our friends and neighbors to love them, too, but sometimes bad manners get in the way,” Tracy Walker, library programming manager said in the release. “Happy Hounds and Beyond guides pet owners in understanding signals and body language from their dogs so they can anticipate and redirect undesired behaviors.

Walker added that the workshop is only intended for adults and will focus on “ways to ensure the safety of both dogs and humans by preventing dog bites.”

The release states that participants will learn how to decipher certain dog behaviors, how to greet unfamiliar dogs appropriately and how to train their own dogs to meet new people politely.

The class will take place at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 17.

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