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Construction worker injured in fall at South Forsyth Middle

SOUTH FORSYTH — A man was injured Tuesday when he fell from the roof of a school building at a construction site in south Forsyth, emergency personnel said.

According to Forsyth County Fire Division Chief Barry Head, the man was taken to an area hospital with “substantial injuries” after falling about 20 feet at South Forsyth Middle School.

The incident occurred about 2:30 p.m., about two hours before school let out for the day.

The campus off Old Atlanta Road and Windermere Parkway has various sites under construction as part of addition and renovation projects.

It was not immediately clear whether the man fell through an opening in the roof or off the side of the building.

Officials with Ra-Lin and Associates, the firm handling the construction project for the school system, could not be reached for comment.

It was not immediately clear if the Occupational Safety and Health Administration would be conducting an investigation into the matter.