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Costumed capers
Lanier Tech team claims third title
Spell Check 4 es
Debbie Smith, right, and Amy Davis celebrate winning the best costume award for their Webster's Wonders team during the Spell Check spelling bee Tuesday night at Forsyth Central High School. - photo by Emily Saunders

Here are some of the words from Tuesday night’s Literacy Forsyth Spell Check Live!

• Fastidious: scornful; having high and often capricious standards

• Abutment: the part of a structure that directly receives thrust or pressure (as of an arch)

• Bigeminy: the state of having a pulse characterized by two beats close together with a pause following each pair of beats

• Marabou: a large African stork that has a distensible pouch of pink skin at the front of the neck and feeds especially on refuse and carrion

Source: Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary
Don’t let the sequins and boas fool you.

Donna Brinson, Kathy Davis and Joanne Tolleson take spelling seriously, proving it Tuesday night during the Forsyth County Certified Literate Community Program’s Spell Check Live.

The three-woman team from Lanier Technical College, known as the Blonde Bombspells, won for a third year in a row.

“Kathy is just an awesome speller,” Brinson said. “But we do study some.”

Brinson said she crammed Monday night, studying words from past competitions.

Tuesday night’s winning word was “velleity,” or the weakest kind of desire, and they got it on the first try.

Literacy Forsyth promotes adult literacy in the county by providing free tutoring for low-level and non-reading adults, free English and GED classes and practice exams.

The event was held in the auditorium at Forsyth Central High School.

Words for the competition were chosen from the works of authors Georgette Heyer and Terry Pratchett. Words misspelled in past years also were used.

In the final round, the Bombspells defeated the United Way’s Bee Givers — John Goode, Luke Haymond and Skip Putnam.

The Bombspells weren’t the only winners Tuesday night.

Webster’s Wonders, which consisted of Amy Davis, Debbie Smith and Charlley Stalder from the Forsyth County school system, won the costume contest with their hair in pigtails, tacky outfits and false teeth.

The event’s host, Tommy Bagwell, welcomed everyone to the event.

“Why do we do what we do?” he said. “I think the difference today is all of this is about helping people help themselves. That’s what it’s all about. You’re giving.”

The bee has been held the past six years to raise funds for adult literacy.

Teams are encouraged to wear outlandish costumes while trying to spell words like “gnomically,” “alchemist” and “hircine.”

All five Forsyth-based Rotary clubs participated in the bee, as did teams from Automation Direct and the Forsyth County Public Library Friends and Advocates.

Serving as judges were Forsyth County School Superintendent Buster Evans, Northside Hospital-Forsyth Administrator Lynn Jackson and Forsyth County News Publisher John Hall.