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Forsyth County Fire Department warns of restaurant phone scam

FORSYTH COUNTY — Local authorities and government officials are warning businesses in Forsyth County about a potential phone scam.

The Forsyth County Fire Department received two separate reports last week of local eateries being asked to provide payment to someone over the phone claiming to represent the fire marshal’s office.

According to Forsyth County’s government, the caller advised he or she was contacted by the fire marshal’s office or that they represent the office. They said they were calling in reference to the restaurant’s cooking system being in need of repairs.

The caller then asked for a $400 payment over the phone.

“The Fire Marshal’s Office does not endorse or share inspection information with third parties,” said Fire Marshal and Division Chief Barry Head. “These calls are absolutely not legitimate and should be reported to our office.”

Though two restaurants have reported the scam, there may be more, said Division Chief Jason Shivers.

It is not known how many suspects are involved.

“Residents and business owners should remember that the fire department will never call and demand any type of payment over the phone,” Shivers said. “We don’t take kindly to people preying on citizens and pretending to be firefighters.”

Anyone who receives such a call or who has related information can call (678) 455-8072.