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Forsyth County inmate found with homemade weapons
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Forsyth County News

CUMMING — A 32-year-old north Forsyth man being held on multiple child molestation and sexual battery charges was recently indicted for possessing four homemade stabbing instruments during his time as an inmate.

Sean Patrick Mendes is accused of having four collections of items that were fashioned into a “stabbing implement,” according to a July 14 Forsyth County grand jury indictment document. They included: sporks and wire; forks and a screw; a sharpened toilet brush handle; and a battery, piece of wire and metal.

The devices were found during a random search of cells at the Forsyth County Detention Center in downtown Cumming.

Mendes, who listed a Wallace Tatum Road address, was arrested in July 2014 on at least 11 charges, including aggravated child molestation, aggravated sexual battery and rape.

According to an incident report, jail staff found a pillow in his cell to be “out of place in shape and weight when picked up.”

The pillow was torn open with “the stuffing falling out. On closer observation it was found to contain several items inside of the stuffing.”

In the incident report, which preceded the incident document, it was noted that two plastic sporks were found with the “fat ends tied over and a nail sticking out of each one, a portion of a mop bucket’s heavy metal frame, a long piece of thick wire from a mop bucket, miscellaneous pieces of tile with the ends sharpened, two forks formed together with a large four-inch screw protruding from it.”

Also found were: “Two pieces of heavy gauge metal broken from one long piece, another 2-inch piece of metal oblong in shape, a destroyed battery that appeared to have been in the process of being unrolled, several small pieces of sharp metal (possibly pieces of razor or the battery wrap), assorted screws and washers, more thinner parts of wire, a straightened out single staple and several lengths of cloth that was torn from various sheets/pillowcases.”

His cell had been damaged, too. Two windows had been smashed. Small shards of glass were found on of the large pieces of metal found in the pillow.

Tile had been taken from the bottom of the shower, the report noted.

When confronted about the pillow and contents by staff, Mendes denied knowing anything about them and that “the pillow was given to me.”

He “would not divulge the person who gave it to him or why,” the report said, “if that was the case, he only had one pillow.”