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Incident reports from the sheriff's office: April 11-15

Man arrested for alleged DUI and endangering children 

On April 11, deputies from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene of a two vehicle accident on McGinnis Ferry Road and found one driver they suspected of being intoxicated. 

According to the report, the driver of a black truck allegedly failed to yield while turning left onto McGinnis Ferry Road and his vehicle was struck by another vehicle. 

A deputy stated in the report that first responders detected an odor of alcohol allegedly coming from the driver of the black truck and that three children were in the vehicle at the time of the wreck. 

“While I was speaking with [the driver] I did observe a very strong odor of alcohol coming from his facial area. I did also observe that he had very bloodshot watery eyes,” the deputy states in the report. 

The driver of the vehicle denied consuming any alcohol when he was confronted by deputies, but later multiple different DUI examinations returned with positive results against the driver and a breath sample test yielded results of .188 and .187, according to the report.  

The driver was arrested, charged with driving under the influence, three counts of endangering a child by DUI, and failure to yield while turning left, and was booked at the Forsyth County Jail. 

Lottery winnings stolen from north Forsyth residence

According to an incident report from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office filed April 14, deputies responded to a home in north Forsyth in response to reports that $5,000 in cash had been stolen from the residence while the owner was away.

In the report, the homeowner said that on the previous day he had won $12,000 from playing Keno and that a friend had come with him when he received the winnings.

 “I asked [the homeowner] where the money had been taken from and he told me that [his girlfriend] had put it in an envelope inside a basket on top of the bathroom cabinet. [They] were completely confident that it is where the money was put and last seen,” a deputy stated in the report. 

The report stated that the friend who accompanied the homeowner to claim his winnings stayed overnight with the couple and showered in the bathroom where the money was kept before leaving the residence.

“[The homeowner] stated that the money was there when they left for work at 5:30 that morning and when they returned home after lunch the money was missing,” the report stated. 

Vehicle stolen from Cumming apartment complex

Recently, a Cumming woman woke up after a night of drinking with a friend and found that her vehicle had been stolen from the parking lot of her apartment complex sometime that night. 

According to an incident report from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office filed April 15, the woman picked up her friend at the North Springs Marta Station at 11 p.m. on April 14, brought the friend back to her residence in Cumming and drank adult beverages with that friend until 3 a.m. before going to sleep. 

The report states that when she woke at about 7 a.m. the next morning she found her friend had left the residence and both her keys and vehicle were missing. 

“Shortly after discovering her vehicle missing, her cell phone rang; it was a police officer from DeKalb County … notifying her that her vehicle had been located in DeKalb County and was found unoccupied, involved in a crash and left on the side of Interstate 285,” the report states. 

The report said when reporting her vehicle stolen, the woman told deputies she suspected the friend took her vehicle without her permission.