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Incident reports from the sheriff's office

Door knobs reported missing

On Feb. 20, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a home under construction off of Five Oaks Road in Cumming in reference to a report that 12 crystal door knobs had been stolen from the house. 

In an incident report, a deputy reported that the homeowner said he had last seen the door knobs in the home on Feb. 13 and each was worth around $250. 

The homeowner said that construction workers and painters had been in and out of the house during the previous week, and that it was possible one of them could have left the residence unlocked at some point. 

Mysterious burglar returns to Forsyth residence

On Feb. 21, a Forsyth County Sheriff’s office deputy was dispatched to an address in West Forsyth about a possible burglary that may have happened the night before. 

The resident, a 25-year-old woman stated that at about 8 p.m. the previous night she heard a loud noise upstairs. An incident report from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s office said that while checking through the residence she noticed that two of the unoccupied bedrooms had their covers disturbed and that a table, computer and vacuum cleaner had been moved into the basement. 

The report stated that, upon closer inspection, it was discovered that $250 was missing from a nightstand in the house. 

According to the report, the homeowner reported that about three to five years ago, a similar disturbance had occurred in the residence and in that instance beds had been disturbed, and furniture and a computer had been moved into the basement. 

The report stated detectives were unable to find any evidence of fingerprints at the scene. 

Appliances stolen from houses under construction

On Feb. 21, Forsyth County Sheriff’s office deputies responded to a series of burglaries that had taken place in a North Forsyth neighborhood currently under construction.  

According to an incident report from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, a witness saw a trailer loaded with appliances leaving the neighborhood at about 6:13 a.m., but was not able to see the driver or any passengers from within the vehicle. 

Deputies at the scene found that a refrigerator, washers and dryers had been taken out of several houses that had been left open for a drywall crew the night before.  At one of the addresses deputies found shoe prints and other evidence including a cigar and cigarette butt left in the burgled home.  

The report said that the total cost of the appliances stolen and cost of their installation would exceed $1,300.

Barbie doll heist investigated 

On Feb. 25, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the address of a home for sale in North Forsyth in reference to a collection of Barbie Dolls that had been stolen from the residence. 

According to an incident report from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, the homeowner stated to deputies that the collection was valued at about $12,000, and was left inside the home at the urging of the realtor — who wanted to show the collection to a potential buyer.

The report stated that the homeowner returned to the property a few weeks later and found her front door open.

“She contacted the realtor but he denied leaving it open,” the report stated. 

No other items were stolen from the house, and the house itself showed no signs of forced entry, according to the report.