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Local man sentenced 3 years in child sexual exploitation case
Authorities say that 30 child porn movies were found on the man’s computer
Jefferey Michael Declouet
Jefferey Michael Declouet

A local man has pleaded guilty to two felony charges relating to the possession of child pornography and now faces three years in prison.

Jeffrey Michael Declouet, a 47-year-old man from Suwanee, appeared in the Superior Criminal Court of Forsyth County before Judge David L. Dickinson Wednesday and entered a guilty plea to two charges of sexual exploitation of children.

According to Cpl. Doug Rainwater, spokesman for the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, Declouet was arrested on March 15 for five felony counts of distribution of child pornography and six felony counts of sexual exploitation of children after child pornography videos were found on a computer belonging to him.

Since then nine of those charges have been dismissed as part of Declouet’s plea deal with prosecutors.

During the plea hearing, prosecuting attorney Michael Mahoney released new information about the circumstances of Declouet’s arrest and the subsequent investigation into his crimes.

According to Mahoney, on Aug. 27, 2017 a detective from the Hall County Sheriff’s Office uncovered the I.P. address of an individual in Cumming who had downloaded child pornography and was sharing it via the internet and the BitTorrent file sharing network.

Through an investigation by Detective Jeff Roe of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, the suspected I.P. address was traced to an address off of Pebble Creek Trail in south Forsyth, Mahoney said.

"On November 21, 2017, Detective Jeff Roe executed a search warrant at the 845 Pebble Creek Trail address ... and discovered that this defendant was also a resident at this address, and had a computer in his room," Mahoney said. "That computer was seized, examined forensically and some 30 movies depicting child pornography were discovered in a user made file."

Mahoney said that those videos showed female children as young as 4 or 5, “engaged in sexual acts.” 

Declouet also addressed the court, calling his crimes a “stupid, stupid, stupid act,” and saying that he would “give up his right eye” for penance if he could.

After hearing testimony from Mahoney, Declouet and attorney for the defendant Rebecca Capes, Dickinson called the act of possessing child pornography “despicable” and upheld the recommended sentence of three years in jail followed by seven years of probation.