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Suspect arrested after chase that injures deputy in north Forsyth

NORTH FORSYTH -- A Suwanee man is in custody after being charged with possession of heroin and a high-speed car chase that injured a Forsyth County Sheriff’s deputy.

Mark Holleman, 27, was arrested Tuesday, Nov. 1 after leading deputies on a chase after he was pulled over for going 85 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone on Ga. 400 north by Bald Ridge Marina Road (Exit 15).

According to an incident report, after stopping Holleman for reportedly speeding, a deputy approached the passenger side door and saw a clear bag with an “off white ‘rock’ type substance” in plain view.

Initially, the deputy said in the report he thought the drug might be crack cocaine and asked Holleman what it was.

Holleman reportedly told the deputy it was chalk he used to mark tires at work but handed it to the deputy.

While the deputy was performing a field test on the substance, Holleman, who had been standing outside, allegedly ran to the driver side door of his Silver Lincoln, jumped in and drove away.

The deputy followed Holleman, calling for backup while he chased him northbound up the highway, reaching speeds of more than 100 mph, the report said.

After passing the Browns Bridge Road intersection, Holleman reportedly tried to make a sharp left turn but lost control of the Lincoln and slid into the southbound lanes, where he then turned his vehicle around and tried driving north, facing oncoming traffic.

After reaching the median, the deputy “made the decision not to allow [Holleman’s] car to reenter the roadway going the wrong direction and intentionally struck his vehicle with mine in hopes of disabling his,” the report said.

Holleman spun around and began traveling in the correct direction in the southbound lane.

The deputy’s car had a blown tire and could no longer pursue Holleman, who then apparently tried to turn right onto Browns Bridge Road.
However, after losing control of the Lincoln, Holleman hit the north side guardrail but overcorrected and then hit the south side guard rail.

Backup deputies were then able to close in on Holleman’s vehicle and place him under arrest.

Both Holleman and one of the deputies complained of neck and back pain and were taken to Northside Hospital-Forsyth.

Warrants are being obtained pending Holleman’s release from medical and mental health treatment.