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Witnesses: Man waving gun, ‘shooting birds’ on Post Road
Charged with possession of marijuana; no weapon located
John Rahrer
John Rahrer

A Forsyth County man was recently arrested after witnesses called 911 saying he was “brandishing a gun” by the Post Road McDonald’s in west Forsyth.

John Rahrer III, 37, was charged with possession of marijuana on Friday, Aug. 4 following calls by motorists who said a man “wearing a green/tan shirt and beige shorts [was] running around the parking lot yelling at people and ‘shooting birds,’” according to an incident report.

“The complainant, who was stopped in his vehicle at the red light … said the subject, later identified as John Rahrer, pulled a pistol from the waistband of his shorts, ‘locked and loaded it’ so that people could see it and stuck it back in his waistband,” the report said. “He said John continued to make obscene hand gestures in the parking lot, but the complainant lost sight of him when he drove off.

Two women inside the eatery told deputies Rahrer ran north on Post Road about 10 minutes before deputies arrived.

“We approached John with our weapons drawn and found him down about an eight-foot embankment overgrown with briars and weeds. In the ditch, he was talking about something, but [the deputy] couldn’t make out what he was saying,” the report said.

Rahrer was reportedly initially non-compliant and argumentative but later complied with deputy’s commands and crawled up the embankment, where deputies searched him but did not find any weapons.

He told deputies he was not armed and “assured” them he did not throw a weapon anywhere.

Deputies did find “a plastic container containing marijuana, a few wadded up one-dollar bills and a cigarette lighter” discarded about 10 feet from where they first made contact with Rahrer.

It was unclear whether there was actually a weapon involved. Deputies conducted an extensive search of the area as a precaution that did not yield a gun.

Rahrer was transported to the Forsyth County Jail, where he later posted a $1,175 bond.