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Dam deer hunt deemed successful
Corps may hold event again in 10
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Forsyth County News
Last week’s quota deer hunt on Buford Dam was a success, authorities said.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers conducted the two-day archery hunt on 600 acres around the dam and Lake Lanier in an effort to improve public safety and the health of the deer population.

The corps selected 21 hunters through a public lottery to participate in the event.

Craig Sowers, corps park ranger, said seven deer were killed. From the state Department of Natural Resources’ perspective, he said that’s a 33 percent success ratio.

“They say that is very good for an archery hunt of this type,” he said. “At this point we plan to have it again this year.”

The hunt was the first at the dam, which spans the Chattahoochee River separating Forsyth and Gwinnett counties.

Sowers said all 21 hunters came out despite the frigid temperatures. No injuries were reported.

“We’re very happy with how the hunt went,” he said. “Everybody who participated was very safe.”

According to a statement from the corps, the Laurel Ridge trail and all parks along Buford Dam Road except West Bank were closed during the event.

The corps went on to say that the decline in food resources during winter months stresses the deer population and the hunt could lessen deer-vehicle collisions along Buford Dam Road, which is heavily populated and well-traveled.

DNR figures show there are about 50,000 deer-vehicle collisions annually across Georgia and that deer move into new areas in search of food and water when their natural food sources are depleted.