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Early voting picks up steam
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Forsyth County News

More than 3,100 Forsyth County residents have voted since in-person absentee voting for the Nov. 4 election began Sept. 19.

Gary J. Smith, the county's director of elections, said more people are coming in every day as they learn they can cast their votes without long lines.

The state allowed in-person absentee voting for the first time this year to help cut back on Election Day crowds. Without needing and excuse to vote early, registered voters can come in during office hours and vote.

Voting as many as 45 days early has its benefits, but the downside could be the risk of a significant change to either campaign.

Still, Smith said people who are voting this early would likely vote the same way.

"I would say that almost 100 percent of the people that are voting early are not going to change their mind no matter what they see," he said.

Smith said he continues to be surprised by the number of people turning out to vote.

There were 64 votes cast the first day. That number more than tripled the next day and has continued to increase daily. On Friday, 485 people voted.

"Mothers are voting early because they're saying that on Nov. 4, school is out and, 'I don't want to go stand in line with my three kids,'" Smith said. "There is a lot of enthusiasm about it."